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2017/08/29    News source : 卓尔集团    Views: : 2454

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the drow group, our province entrepreneur yan zhi was elected the vice President of Chinese entrepreneur association. According to the understanding, the Chinese entrepreneur association is a national association of corporations, which is a national mass group that communicates with the government and maintains the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs. At present, the national 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, 28 national industry department, 260 industrial city and thousands of large and medium-sized enterprises has established the enterprise management association, entrepreneur association, association of business management at all levels, entrepreneurs association amount to tens of thousands of enterprise, has formed a nationwide organization system. Yan zhi is chairman of zhuohr holding co., LTD. He is the vice President of the 9th council of Chinese entrepreneurs' association.Together with the vice President, xu jinghong, chairman of tsinghua holdings, and Yang jun, chairman of tongling nonferrous metals holding group, are among the leading figures in the country's leading enterprises.