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Inland Port Center is dedicated to the investment, development and management of large-scale high-quality supply chain logistics and storage facilities, and provides logistics solutions that integrate storage and distribution for dealers, traders, wholesalers and manufacturers of traditional logistics business and e-commerce business as well as for third-party logistics carriers.

Wuhan Inland Port Center is focused on the planning of Wuhan Newport and Airport Comprehsive Bonded Zone and Yangluo New City Logistics Park, and will build an integrated hub-type logistics base based on the service concept of Intelligent Cloud Storage and Urban Gathering and Distribution.

The project is located at the junction of Fuyin Expressway and Hanshi Highway in Yangluo Economic Development Zone, and covers an area of 1,380 mu. The project mainly including the following boards: high-end intelligent storage center, Internet-based urban distribution center, provincial line logistics center, and e-ecommerce industrial park. The project was selected as Wuhan Municipal Key Project in 2014, and was awarded as Hubei Provincial Logistics Demonstration Park and Logistics Support Project Within the Central Budget in Hubei Province in 2015.  

The phase-1 project that has been completed covers a building area of 150 thousand square meters, and firstly launches intercity distribution services focusing on cash-on-delivery services and provides allocation-on-delivery services for freight forwarding, special lines and less-than-truck-load transport enterprises. The center will also cooperate with global leading logistics enterprises such as Amazon, enable the first B2B intelligent cloud storage service platform in Wuhan, use sensing and Internet technology to achieve intelligent storage management, and provide high-efficiency low-cost services including storage, sorting, packaging and collection on delivery based on municipal intelligent modules such as address resolution, vehicle dispatching, transportation route optimization and whole-course freight track.