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1. All resources on the website of Zall Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as theWebsite) belong to the Website, i.e. the ownership belongs to Zall.TheWebsite has the ultimate right of revision and final interpretation of thestatement or disclaimer of the Website.

2. The contents of theWebsite, including articles, pictures, music, videos, marks, logos, advertisements, layout design, column lists, chart buttons, HTML codes, trademarks and other materials, are protected by copyright, trademark law and other relevant laws, as well as copyright, trademark rights, patent and property ownership protection laws of international conventions. None of these contents of the Website may be used for other purposes without permission of the Website. The Website may take action against those liable for any unauthorised use of such contents.

3. The Website includes links to other websites or webpages which are provided for the convenience of users. However, the Website does not maintain these websites or webpages. The Website accepts no liability for all the risks arising from users’activation of such websites or the links.

4. Some of the contents of the Website may come from the Internet. Due to the inconvenience of collating the authenticity and accuracy of thecopyright and contents, they may not be confirmed for the time being. Please call or email the Website regarding the copyright issues or other issues arising therefrom. The contents will be deleted or amended immediately after verification.



1. The Website accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from the user’smisunderstanding, usage, copying or disseminating the contents of the Website,or disputes arising from infringement of others’ copyright or right of attribution by the information provided by the user as those acts are purely the user’s personal behavior.

2. The Website accepts no liability for any defect (e.g. incomplete or untimely contents) in the links obtained through the Website or in the products, services or contents obtained through the links as the Website only provides the links and it is not responsible for the maintenance of those websites or webpages.

3. The Website accepts no liability for any problem (e.g. execution failure, error or computer virus caused by website services, or problem caused by the computer’s hardware issues) caused by the Internet.

4. The information provided on the Website is for users’ reference only. Due to huge quantity of contents, some of the contents may not be updated or deleted timely. If users or visitors wish to use the information, further investigation and verification are needed. The Website accepts no liability for all the losses arising therefrom.

5. The Website reserves the right to use the information(including pictures, videos, etc.) published by users on the Website. However, if other visitors wish to reproduce the information published by users on the Website, permission of the Website and the user are needed. Otherwise, it will be regarded as infringement.