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Relying on the property, customer, logistics and data basis and advantages of wholesale markets such as North Hankou, Zall Group starts Internet-based transformation and establishes Zall Cloud Market Group. It successively launches Zallgo, Zallsoon and Zallfuhui to provide online wholesale trade services, intelligent logistics and storage services and other value-added services, and build the largest online and offline integrated wholesale trade platform in China. At present, Zallgo, as an online wholesale trade platform, has covered more than 20 cities in China and entered the first matrix of China’s e-commerce industry with more than 300 thousand merchants and trade value of over CNY 100 billion. This year, 1000 wholesale markets will go online, services will be provided to 1000 thousand merchants and enterprises, and the trade value will reach CNY 120 billion. Starting from Wuhan, Zallsoon, as an Internet-based freight platform, has covered 12 cities including Shanghai and Guangzhou. At present, the number of logistics service orders reaches 3000 thousand, the number of active drivers is more than 30 thousand, the daily number of orders exceeds 70 thousand, and the target daily number of service orders is 1000 thousand. Zallsoon becomes the largest Internet-based freight platform in China.

In 2016, Zall Group became the largest shareholder of LightInThebox, a global famous cross-border e-commerce platform, and acquired Zhongnongwang, the largest agricultural product B2B e-commerce platform. Zall Group builds the core circle of intelligent business trade ecology and enters the camp of hundred-billion-level industrial Internet. Meanwhile, the group will successively expand trade platforms such as Zhongtongwang, Zhonggangwang, CCTC, Environmental Protection Institute of NCPC, and Hualiangwang, and form a leading trade platform matrix involved in the fields of sugar, bave, sheet materials, non-ferrous metal, and grain and oil. The group will also build service chains such as intelligent logistics, supply chain management and supply chain finance. Zall’s trade platforms and service chains will be interconnected to form a global intelligent trade platform with tera-level trade scale.