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Actively responding to the national strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration, and based on the successful experience of North Hankou undertaking Hanzheng Street, Zall Group has opened branches and offices in Tianjin, with an aim to build the largest commercial trade and logistics center in North China, that is, Tianjin E-Commerce Mall, providing the customers in northern China with a trade platform and big data and financial services, and building property, logistics, storage, passenger transportation and processing service chains.

Tianjin E-Commerce Mall will be located in Xiqing University City in Tianjin, lie along the trunk road from Beijing to Tianjin, connect to Subway Line 3, and be close to aviation, high-speed railway and expressway hubs, which providing it with distinctive traffic and location advantages. The total planning area is 3000 thousand square meters, and a large-scale international commodity trade platform will be built, including trade service district, exhibition and show district, storage and logistics district, e-commerce creativity district, downtown business district, central business district, research and development industry district, and production and processing district.   

The phase-1 international trade city will focus on building ten professional consumable markets including small commodities, clothing, shoeware and leather, hotel supplies, daily necessities, stationery and sporting goods, daily chemical products, home textiles and decorations, and articles for children. In addition, a modern logistics, storage, production and passenger transportation center covering an area of more than one thousand mu will be built, and an e-commerce service district with the total building area of 100 thousand square meters will also be built, achieving supply and marketing integration, ancillary facility modernization, and trade informatization.

In October 2015, the phase-1 market of Tianjin E-Commerce Mall was opened for business. Zall Haining Leather City does a booming business, and becomes the largest professional leather market in northern China, commencing the transfer of old wholesale markets in Beijing and Tianjin. The project responds to the national strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration, and was reported by authoritative media such as CCTV.

Tianjin E-Commerce Mall is promoting preferential policies and measures such as rent reduction and exemption, hundred-million-yuan marketing and promotion, and supporting e-commerce transformation, comprehensively undertaking the relocation and upgrade of traditional wholesale markets in Beijing and Tianjin including zoo wholesale market, Dahongmen, Muxiyuan, Dahutong, Ruijing, Yonghao and Yanghuo, and widely attracting the transfer and gathering of coastal commerce industry in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian.

With large-scale entering of physical merchants, Tianjin E-Commerce Mall will, relying on Zall cloud market platform, provide merchants with core functions such as online wholesale and purchasing management as well as value-added services including financial and logistics information trade matching of the supply chain, achieve organic integration of online and offline services, and build the largest online and offline integrated wholesale trade platform in northern China.

With merchants gathering together and relying on national strategy, the commercial port with a 600-year history will create a new glorious history. Tianjin E-Commerce Mall will take the opportunity of constructing Tianjin Free Trade Zone, give full play to the advantages of Tianjin as North International Shipping Logistics Center and the strategic core of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei International Logistics Network, upgrade regional demand, develop cross-border trade, and achieve domestic and foreign trade integration. It will strive to build an international commodity gathering and distribution base through five years of efforts that faces Beijing and Tianjin, covers North China and radiates to Northeast Asia, and will write a new chapter of the commercial trade and service industry of Tianjin.