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Jingzhou Zall Mall is an urban complex integrating shopping, entertainment, food, tourism, leisure, trade, exhibition, office work and dwelling. It is located in the Golden Triangle core zone in Lingang New Industry City in western Jingzhou, and enjoys superior location and convenient traffic. Jingzhou Zall Mall connects to Jiuyang Avenue and adjoins Jiuyang Machinery and Electronics Industry Park to the east, reaches out to the canal that diverts Yangtze water to Han River to the west and connects to Central China Agricultural High-tech Industrial Park across the canal, is adjacent to Hanyi High-Speed Railway and Huyu Expressway to the north, and borders with Jingzhou Libu Harbor District and the Agricultural College of Yangtze University to the south.

The total planning area of the project is 3600 thousand square meters. Seven function zones will be built, including international trade city, storage and logistics park, happy mall, urban culture lobby, enterprise headquarter base, urban SOHO, and high-end dwelling district. An integrated, multifunctional and modern vital city that integrates industrial function, urban function and ecological function will be established.   

The investment in the phase-1 international trade city is CNY 1200 million, and the total planned building area is 310 thousand square meters. The international trade city contains more than 6300 standard stores, and is the supreme new-type professional wholesale market in Central China. The city is comprised of six four-storey detached market malls and adopts European building style and the commercial layout of boutique department store. Ten professional trade markets are formed, including brand clothing, hotel supplies, shoeware and leather, children’s wear and toys, sports and leisure supplies, and household supplies.

The storage and logistics center covering an area of 300 thousand square meters is launched at the same time. The center gathers logistics parks and freight lines, greatly reduces merchants’ costs, and provides them with integrated services including e-commerce, financial guarantee, integrated marketing and information management, which will guarantee the rapid prosperity of the market and lay a solid industrial foundation. The project is based in Jingzhou, faces Jianghan Plain, and radiates to the southwest region of Hubei Province and the north region of Hunan Province. It will build an international modern professional, fashionable, branded consumable trade platform, and will become the new model and industrial navigator of the professional market in Central China.

Jingzhou Zall Mall will build 24-hour business types including cultural city, business city, famous product city, children city, dynamic party, 24-hour city, delicious food street, world city and life city. Here, the customers can taste global cate and delicious food of Hubei Province, and can enjoy world-level recreation and amusement in bars, tea houses and coffee houses.  

On December 28, 2015, the phase 1 of Jingzhou Zall Mall was opened for business, including hotel supplies city, brand clothing city and international optimal product gallery. This initiates a new consumption patter of cross-border shopping in Jingzhou, and inaugurates Jingzheng Fashion Center and the new vital city in the middle reach of Yangtze River.

Jingzhou Zall Mall will be the new model of the third-generation industrial cities in the middle reach of Yangtze River. In addition to facilitating the development of commerce industry in Jingzhou and rebuilding the economic radiation force of Jingzhou, Jingzhou Zall Mall will also gather the artistic conception and demeanor of the ancient city and become the new fashion landmark showing the confidence of the city.