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Changsha E-Commerce Mall is a new Internet industry city with modern information technology as the core, and is an economic sharing zone dedicated to in-depth online and offline integration. The total planning area is 350 thousand square meters, and the total floor area is 277 mu. The project is developed in two phases. It is a low-density and purely-ecological garden-style innovative and intelligent office park with convenient traffic and beautiful landscape.   

The e-commerce headquarter base mainly includes the headquarters of large- and medium-sized enterprises in Changsha, and contains reception center, product display center, trade settlement, customer service and call center, and meeting and training center.

The supporting base will attract e-commerce service organizations of art design, photographing, model, and website construction. The life service base contains apartments, hotels, catering establishments, supermarkets, and department stores.  

The business incubation base provides various services including marketing and promotion, legal consulting, training, incubation, entrepreneurship supporting and creative culture. The storage and logistics center provides intelligent storage services.

Upon the completion and handover of the phase 1 of e-commerce headquarter base, a number of large- and medium-sized enterprises successively enter the base. According to the plan, within five years, Changsha Zall Mall will introduce one or two large-sized platform service providers, three or four large-sized e-commerce enterprise headquarters, and 20 third-party service providers, cultivate or introduce 100 e-commerce enterprises that are greatly influential in Hunan Province, attract 1000 base service organizations and enterprises to provide services to the platform. The platform will train more than 500 professional talents and cultivate about 50 high-end talents every year. Ultimately, a senior white-collar gathering area will be formed in Jinxia Economic Development Zone in Changsha, gathering e-commerce experts, marketing management elites, IoT engineers and financiers, and an Internet-based economic sharing zone will be built with modern information technology as the core.