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No. 1 Business Community is located in Huangpi Panlong City Economic Development Zone, and close to Third Ring Line and Daihuang Expressway. It is the first ecological detached enterprise office park in Central China. The total planned building area is 3000 thousand square meters, and the planning objective is to build an innovative crowd innovation service platform guided by e-commerce and intelligent logistics and focusing on information technology and intelligent manufacturing. The community will be the gathering area of invocation enterprises with large scale, complete functions and ecological harmony.

Following the office planning concept of Silicon Valley, the community promotes detached office building and economic office, and is dedicated to building a senior business garden integrating the functions of office, research and development, logistics and display for elite enterprises and affiliated companies. The project is constructed along Panlong Lake, and forms a third-ring planning framework of two lines, containing orderly detached buildings, flower corridors, beautiful landscape and gallery roads around the lake.

The phase 1, 2 and 3 of the project have been completed. The cluster of industry headquarters is formed, including cultural media, electronics, creative research and development, property investment, shoeware and leather, and clothing. The headquarters of more than 200 enterprises are attracted to the community, including BBK, Central China Grid Company Limited, a.Yilian and GEMEIQ.

In the commercial logistics industry, Internet+ integration will be the mainstay. 40 e-commerce consumable wholesale enterprises are gathered, including ABC Kids, Yearcon and Playboy. Among them, the online and offline sales revenue of 12 enterprises exceed one hundred million yuan. With the rapid development of information technology industry, 15 electronic technology enterprises are gathered, including Ka Shui Technology and Huatian Electronics.    

The intelligent manufacturing industry is in the ascendant. Ten intelligent research and development and manufacturing companies are gathered, including Weijing Network Technology, Changsheng Technology and Jierui Vehicle Equips.

The community is equipped with mature supporting services, and contains various service platforms such as comprehensive service center, sports club, business hotels and Hacker coffee houses, meets all kinds of requirements for travel, sports, recreation, learning and communication.  
Economists commended that No. 1 Business Community is warm and personalized. The headquarter zone built for medium- and small-sized enterprises and even micro enterprises adopts a new thought, and Wuhan’s exploration is valuable.